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Pampered Chef


As a member of the marketing department’s creative team, responsibilities inlcude the development and design of Pamperef Chef’s visual marketing materials for both consumers and consultants of Pampered Chef.

Pampered Chef Heritage Hall 1 image Pampered Chef Heritage Hall 2 image

Pampered Chef Heritage Hall: Design Lead, Layouts

Pampered Chef NC22 facebook image Pampered Chef NC22 image

National Conference 2022: Logo, Layouts, and Artwork for Wintrust Arena

Pampered Chef Empower image

Empower 2022: Logo, Graphics, and Layout.

Pampered Chef Magic in the Making image

Magic in the Making - Incentive trip: Logo, Graphics, and Layout.

Pampered Chef NC21 image

National Conference 2021: Logo, Graphics, and Layout.

Pampered Chef training logos 1 image

Pampered Chef training logos

Pampered Chef training logos 2 image

Pampered Chef training event logos

Pampered Chef Box

A virtual mockup for a product box for Pampered Chef.

Pampered Chef Video: Motion graphics, illustrations, and sound editing.

Tastebuds image

Tastebuds logo

Pampered Chef Booth 1 Pampered Chef Booth 2

A virtual mockup to display the artwork on a booth for Pampered Chef.

Glow image

E-Mail animation for National Conference 2018